Swan Dive

Sitting upon his throne in Mount Olympus, the mighty Zeus was struck by an overwhelming desire.  For down on Earth, an enchanting woman caught his attention.  She sauntered through the bright greens of a well-kept garden.  The shadows of swaying foliage danced in her long, dark curls.  A white chiton hung loosely against her curves, accentuating her swollen breasts.  Her footsteps traced the edge of a clear pond.  The paddling of a single swan sent soft ripples through the still waters.

“I desire this mortal woman,” Zeus declared. “I shall transform into a visage of such elegance and beauty that she will not be able to resist me.”

Leda smiled at the rainbow of colours surrounding her.  The flowers were in full bloom and their sweet fragrances hung heavy in the air.  She knelt beneath the slouching branch of a willow tree, and gazed at the shimmering reflections in the pool.

Almost involuntarily, her eyes were drawn to the magnificent creature floating lazily on the water.   She drank in the graceful arch of its slender neck, the delicate beak, and silky feathers.

Stretching out her fingertips, she whispered, “What a beautiful swan.” Her voice sounded faraway, as though lost in a dream.

Zeus began to swim towards Leda, but a flash of white tugged at the corner of his eyes.

Leda frowned at the bird’s hesitance.

“You know, now that I’m down here that swan looks way hotter.”  Zeus thought, as he stopped mid-stroke and raced towards the unsuspecting bird.

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