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There is nothing I enjoy more than talking about myself. Fortunately, this time there was Paul Hamilton to listen to all my nonsense! You might remember him from his awesome guest post Night Goes Neighbors. If you’ve ever been curious … Continue reading

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Peace at Last

Billy stared at the pills in his hand. Dark circles ringed his puffy eyes. “It’s time to put an end to all this shit!” He downed the pills in one gulp. Closing his eyes, he breathed a contented sigh. At … Continue reading

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Rainy Day Games

“I’m bored,” Tom whined, slouching into the couch. “Let’s play a game.” Mary said. “What game?” Mary bit her lip–her usual thinking face. “Hmm… how about I watch the end of a movie first, then you’ll try to guess the … Continue reading

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The Ones: The Gun’s Fear by Kishan Paul

The Ones is a writing blog game in which participants receive a story title, a little wrinkle to up the challenge factor and then must create a single draft story in no more than one hour from the prompt. They … Continue reading

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